"An Effortless Source Changeover System to Experience 24*7 Power"

The smartest approach to provide uninterrupted power for critical applications is to transfer sources between the load.

ATeS (Automatic Transfer Switch) is designed with automatic start/stop DG operation to ease the transfer between primary source to alternate source for providing uninterrupted power supply.

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Why ATeS?

Allows users to

protect against undervoltage/overvoltage, under frequency/over frequency and phase missing

monitor and indicate source healthiness and output for both Source

to select a wide range of Motor Operating Voltage from 150VAC – 285V AC

eliminate the need for external AMF Controller due to the availability of in built Microprocessor controller with DG start/stop option

provide the safest changeover

monitor the real time system voltage and frequency for EB/DG

facilitate easy installation and simplified wiring connections

retain safe, reliable and maintenance free operation


Salient Features

Automatic start/stop operation of DG on mains failure

Inbuilt control switch for selecting auto/manual mode

High capacity to withstand short circuit

Inbuilt source selection and trip button for manual mode operation

Occurrence Counter and Time for Sag & Swell

3 Position isolation lock for Source I – Off – Source II

Availability of overload tripping logic

Fire alarm / external fault trip feature is provided

AC 33B Utilization Category and in coherence with IEC 60947-6-1

Optional RS485 communication and cloud connectivity for IoT applications

Lower Cost in comparison to the features provided

ATeS Switching Operation