"In-depth Power Quality Analysis for abnormalities and disturbances"

The smartest way to approach the raising Power Quality issues is to address the situation quickly with accurate data.

iD-LOG 8000, an ultra light weight power quality analyzer with high accuracy help troubleshoot all your power quality problems in three and single-phase power distribution systems.

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Why iD-LOG 8000?

Allows users to

identify the origin of abnormalities or disturbances within a system

measure inrush current of electrical engines and equipment

identify low quality power

check if the new systems are commissioned correctly

identify and eliminate load peaks and excess demand

prevent overheating and lack of insulation due to high harmonics content

monitor loads, consumption and related costs for power and energy audit

check and assess the performance of UPS, with AC/DC measurements

measure signals that includes asymmetrical signals for PWM controls on inverters


Salient Features

High accuracy of 0.25% & 0.5% on kW for continuous voltage & current measurement.

Equipped with 5 current input and 4 voltage measuring channels.

Starting (inrush) current and transient are captured, monitored & recorded.

Harmonic analysis up to 50th order with Real-time waveform in 128x128 graphical display.

Occurrence Counter and Time for Sag & Swell.

Wide range of measurements 5mA-10,000A AC, 50mA-5,000A DC and 40-65Hz, 400Hz.

In coherence with the power quality standard EN 50160.

Set power measurement during 4 time periods (tariffs).

Product Features

Large 128x128 pixels backlit graphical LCD.

Ultra lightweight (580g).

In coherence with IP 30 IEC 61010-1 (Safety Standard).

Colour coded rings.

10 double-function membrane keypad.

One-Touch START/STOP Key for quick recording.

24 hours High capacity rechargeable battery pack (2100mAh).

Magnetic latch and tilt stand is provided for mounting on panels.

Supports screen orientations in portrait and landscape mode.

4 GB external memory card storage support for extended campaigns.

Real-time communication with PC via USB port.